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  • Loop pile carpets are made of Looped Yarn.
  • They can be Level Looped or they can have Longer & shorter lengths to create a more textured effect.
  • Loop pile Carpets can be made using Synthetic fibres or Wool.
  • They are Durable and are suitable for most areas of your home. However if you have pets, Their claws can snag and pull the Loop.
  • Loop pile carpets are also known as Berbers.

In-store we display a large range of carpets from our network of worldwide manufacturers whether it be a strong 80/20 wool twist, a deep Saxony for the feel of luxury, a man made carpet for ease of cleaning, or a stripe on your staircase to create a statement. We have our own ranges of carpets as well as the many reputable manufacturers we deal with.

  • A twist pile carpet is made by twisting carpet yarns tightly to a cut length, creating a textured, springy & durable surface.
  • Twist carpets are produced in Plain, Heathered, and Stripes (Heathers are created using a combination of colored fibers to obtain a tonal effect.)
  • Twist carpets are hardwearing and ideal for homes with big families.​

A Brief Guide to Carpets

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As well as our own ranges we also work in partnership with the following manufactures as official stockists as well as other manufactures not listed.

  • Saxony carpets are longer pile carpets which are made to create a luxurious deep sumptuous effect.
  • Ideal for bedrooms Saxony Carpets are extremely deep and soft underfoot which is perfect for sinking your toes into.